Hi!  I'm Bud.  Welcome to the Law Office of Bud Dale website!  The Law Office of Bud Dale emphasize finding child-focused and family-focused solutions in family law cases. After more than twenty years as a psychologist, I studied law in order to make a difference in the lives of children and families involved in the legal system.  I graduated from Washburn University School of Law, earning certificates in family law (with distinction) and advocacy. I learned a lot.  Let me put what I know about the law, children and families to work for you in your family law case.  Whether it is a divorce or separation, a parenting time or visitation dispute, an adoption, or something else regarding the best interests of your child, I can help.

Courtrooms and other parts of any legal process can be scary, but they don't have to be.  Most family law cases are settled outside of court in ways that allow you to make choices and maximize your input in any outcome. Anxieties about the future, concerns about your children, and fears about finances and property are just a few of the challenges you may face. With my legal clients, I am an educator about the law and see my value as intimately connected to my ability to explain the law as applied to your situation.  You are in charge of your case.  As your attorney, I'll be there to see to it that your choices are well-informed and, if necessary, to vigorously defend them.  

I'm glad you found my website.  Take a look around my site and others.  Compare.  Be discriminating and think critically.  Look for an attorney who will listen.  Look for an attorney who will explain.  And, if you think I might be the right attorney for you and your case, call and set up a consultation.  Call.  Let's talk.   Bud

This website is a resource for the clients and friends of The Law Office of Bud Dale.  Nothing contained in this site creates an attorney-client relationship with anyone.  For a Consultation, call my office at 785-267-0025 or contact us via email at buddalelaw@aol.com .
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